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Vinyl Labels in Gingham Pattern

$ 15.00

Personalized Vinyl Labels | Dishwasher Safe Labels | Waterproof Stickers | Sippy Cup Labels | Name Stickers | Camp Labels in Gingham Pattern by Mayfly and Junebug Designs

Our best-selling dishwasher proof, waterproof labels are back! Great for kids' sippy cups and lunch ware that is sent to school, camp gear, sports gear, etc.

Set of 30 labels measuring approximately 2.625" x 1" with rounded corners, these labels are waterproof and dishwasher-safe up to 300 degrees. Avoid scratching or scraping the outside of the labels. For best results, place labels on a completely dry and flat or slightly curved surface. Smooth all corners flat against the surface, ensuring that air bubbles are not present.

Please type your desired name EXACTLY as you wish it to appear on your product (i.e. ALL CAPS, all lower case, Initial Caps)

See our other listings for more patterns and designs for these labels!

Please note that personalized items may not be returned or refunded.

Colors cannot be changed- each design / icon comes with a set color scheme or schemes.


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